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An apartament for lonely bees. With this, each of us can help the most important land animal in the era of climate change! Few people know that solitary bees pollinate much more than honey bees. Furthermore, males do not have stings, and females are very friendly!

  • Order a house with 50 bees (or rather, their cocoons), tie it to a tree or a balcony, and enjoy!
    If you decide to plant flowers for the bees, they will be more than happy in the area and increase the healthiness of the local ecosystem.

    The house is tied with a linen/hemp string (eco) so as not to injure the tree.

  • inPost, a reliable, fast and environmentally-councious solution. Please include the number of your nearest inPost unit, if you want to use this delivery option.


    When the house is shipped you will receive an email notification with all the details. The house will arrive within a few weeks, depending on your region.


    You can also pick up the beespot in person in Warsaw (bielany/żoliborz)

Still curious?

We collected all the mason bee facts here, including it's life-cycle, dreams and dangers.

Letter to the Pope

The Catholic Church is one of the largest private landowners globally. In our first open letter to prominent landowners, we are asking to change how grass is cut on Church land to improve biodiversity.

Little Forrest

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There are over 20,000 bee species. Sadly, their natural homes were destroyed by how we manage land. Join the Little Forest action and sign a letter to the largest land owners, asking them to give nature a chance!

Little Forrest

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