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A luxurious apartment complex for solitary bees.

The gentle wild bees pollinate much better than their honeybee cousins! Unfortunately, they struggle to find a place in our organized world and their population number disappears.

  • Razem z domkiem dostaniesz od nas 50 pszczelich kokonów murarki. Bez stresu: pszczoły samotne to przyjazne i bardzo samodzielne stworzenia! [link booklet do 'pszczoły samotne to przyjazne i bardzo samodzielne stworzenia']

    Petbee 2 jest przygotowany z myślą o wygodzie dzikich zapylaczy i łatwej obsłudze. Zamów domek w dowolnym momencie roku, a najbliższą wiosną wyklują się Twoje własne murarki. Przez następny rok będą pracowicie zapylać rośliny w Twojej okolicy. Pszczoły świetnie radzą sobie na wsi i w mieście. 

    Domek jest wykonany z myślą o estetyce i trwałości. Naturalny bambus zapewnie pszczołom komfort, ochronną siatkę uniemożliwia okolicznym ptakom potraktowanie go jak restrauracji. Mocowanie zaprojektaliśmy z myślą o balkonach, tarasach i ogrodach. 

  • Beeazy ships to all European Union countries!


    We usually ship our houses and bee cocoons with inPost, as a fast and environmentally-conscious delivery method. Please include the number of your nearest inPost unit if you want to use this delivery option.


    If inPost is not available in your country, please get in touch with us on social media or via email at!


    When the house is shipped you will receive an email notification with all the details. The house will arrive in up to a few weeks, depending on your country.


    Please bear in mind that bees are living organisms with their own year-long life cycle! If you order a beehouse in advance of spring/summer, we will do our best to deliver it with the bee cocoons before then. And if you order it during the spring/summer season, we can either send you a beehouse and deliver bees separately on a later date, or wait for the next warm season. Let us know in the order comments what works best in your case!

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We collected all the mason bee facts here, including it's life-cycle, dreams and dangers.

Letter to the Pope

The Catholic Church is one of the largest private landowners globally. In our first open letter to prominent landowners, we are asking to change how grass is cut on Church land to improve biodiversity.

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